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Roots: Wombstone (2018)

Original title: Juured: Emakivi

"Roots" is a collection of 6 documentaries

Documentary Duration 15:08

Roots: Wombstone

The documentary is best understood as the observations of an unborn or newborn child setting eyes on the world for the first time. Is a mother’s womb the confined space that it appears to be, or is it as infinite as the cosmos itself? Is the bolder on the beach as tall as a mountain, or as tiny as a pebble? The sounds of gently breaking waves or fluttering insect’s wings are telling the story of our roots long before human footprints were first left on Baltic beaches.

Director: Kersti Uibo

Keywords: time | passing of time | icy sea | ice | frozen sea | rocks | rocky coast | sea with a rocky seabed | rocky beach | rocky sea coast | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Silmviburlane
Film Category Documentary
Duration 15:08


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Producer Ülo Pikkov
Director Kersti Uibo
Cinematographer Pentti Keskimäki
Sound Designer Seppo Vanhatalo
Editor Maria Aua

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  • in cinema: 3.05.2018, premiere of "Roots", Cinema Solaris, Tallinn, Estonia

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