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Dance Of Death (2019)

Original title: Surmatants

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Documentary Duration 27:25

Dance Of Death

In secular culture, death tends to be a taboo subject and people avoiding to talk about it, regardless of the fact that death is a part of our life. American cultural historian and anthropologist Paul Firnhaber who have moved to Estonia, thinks that one of the reasons may be ignorance - we do not know exactly what the death is and and what happens after death at all. The scientist who studied the burial rituals and the death culture of different countries, sheds some light on the fear of death, also from where have been grown out the tradition to ...

Director: Vaiko Edur

Keywords: accordion play | accordionist | American | emigrant | gallery | peace of mind | immigrant | interviewer | interviewing | narrating | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Fisheye
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Text / Dialogue English, Estonian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 27:25


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Producer Vaiko Edur
Director Vaiko Edur
Screenwriter Vaiko Edur | Jelena Porošina
Cinematographer Vaiko Edur
Editor Anna Maistrenko | Vaiko Edur

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  • in cinema: 7.03.2019, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 30.03.2019, ETV2, Estonia

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