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Kerro 40 (2017)

Documentary Duration 28:00


Kerro 40 is a story about unique cultural phenomenon that already 40 years takes place in Estonian countryside called Käru. It is community based and takes place regularly from September till May every year. The core of those activities are classical dance culture and Estonian traditional folklore. Documentary follows representatives of 3 different generations that actively participate in organization of those events and popularization of a strong tradition among younger inhabitants in and outside of Käru community. Lembit Eensoo started to join Kerro events almost 40 years ago, a lot of things are different now. Inge Nuia is taking part in Kerro club activities for 22 years. She joined the club together with her mum. Timo Tuisk represents the youngest generation. He was 17 when he started dancing in Kerro club. Now they all together prepare the 40th anniversary year of the club.

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