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About Love (2019)

Original title: Armastusest

Animation Duration 13:00

One of the million different possible versions of love stories. It is about a
man constantly seeking the ideal companion. At one point he realises that he does not know how is his ideal woman look like. Like it often happens in real life.

Director: Girlin Bassovskaja

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Production Firm(s) Nukufilm
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Duration 13:00


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Producer Kerdi Oengo
Director Girlin Bassovskaja
Screenwriter Girlin Bassovskaja
Cinematographer Raivo Möllits
Art Director Girlin Bassovskaja
Animator Marili Toome | Triin Sarapik-Kivi
Composer Pärt Uusberg
Editor Girlin Bassovskaja

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