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Mihkel (2018)

Original title (in Icelandic): Undir Halastjörnu

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Feature film | Thriller | Drama Duration 100:00


Mihkel boards a ferry from his small town in Estonia to Saint Petersburg in Russia, on his way to Iceland, where he wants to make a new life for himself and his fiancée, Vera. His friend Igor, who emigrated to Iceland a few years earlier, convinces Mihkel to smuggle two bottles of liquid amphetamine and then seek payment from an 
Estonian priest, who is a business partner of Igor’s in Saint Petersburg. The priest is then to set him up in his new home and bring Vera over to join him. Rather than getting paid, he is instead coerced into ...

Director: Ari Alexander Magnusson

Keywords: regaining of independence of Estonia | illegal activity | desire for easy life | church minister | kriminaalkurjategija | criminal gang | corpse | corpse in the sea | drug dealer | drug dealer | View all »

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Production Firm(s) True North (Iceland)
Film Category Full length feature, Feature film
Genre Thriller, Drama
Duration 100:00

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  • Participation, Reykjavík International Film Festival (Iceland), 2018, Industry Days 2018: Case Study special screening
  • Participation, Busan International Film Festival (South Korea), 2018, Programme: World Cinema

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