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Ivo Linna and Alo Mattiisen (3) (1989)

Title in Estonian: Ivo Linna ja Alo Mattiisen (3)

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Amateur film Duration 15:22

Ivo Linna and Alo Mattiisen (3)

Ivo Linna performs the song "I am an Estonian and I will remain one" at the festive ceremony dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. He is accompanied by a youth choir waving the national flags, there are also excerpts from film chronicles about the song celebration and the concert on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in the background. The chorus of the song is being repeated, the audience is singing along, including Merle Jääger and Mart Laar. Alo Mattiisen is accompanying the singers on the synthesizer. There are also the national flags of Latvia and Lithuania on ...

Keywords: historical document | applauding audience | singing of an anthem | expatriate Estonians in Canada | concert audience | concert | Singing Revolution (related events) | musical performance | musicians | youth choir | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Edgar Väär (Canada)
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 15:22


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Cinematographer Edgar Väär

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