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Miriam’s Hen’s Dream (2016)

Original title: Miriami kana unistus

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Animation Duration 05:00

Miriam’s Hen’s Dream

On a rainy autumn day Father and Little Brother are building a plane, Miriam is watching a picture book about southern countries, Hen is dreaming about flying away to the south – just as the cranes in the autumn sky. When the
rain is over everybody goes with Mother to the park, to rake the fallen leaves. Even there Hen is exited about flying to the south, she climbs on top of the birch tree and tries to fly but falls into the pile of leaves... Little Brother
proposes his toy plane, Father throws it into the air but even ...

Director: Andres Tenusaar

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Production Firm(s) Nukufilm
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English
Duration 05:00


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Producer Andrus Raudsalu | Kerdi Oengo
Co-producer Mait Laas
Director Andres Tenusaar
Screenwriter Leelo Tungal | Peep Pedmanson
Cinematographer Sergei Kibus
Art Director Ivika Luisk
Animator Marili Sokk | Triin Sarapik-Kivi
Composer Tiit Kikas
Sound Designer Tiina Andreas | Grete-Liisa Sihver

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