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Gerassimov's Women (2017)

Original title: Gerassimovi naised

Documentary Duration 28:20

In an Estonian town Narva, elderly Russian ladies meet in a park. Each of them has her own path that has led them to this war-scarred town. Today the border separating Estonia from Russia is running just a few hundred meters from their homes. Only nostalgic, haunting or funny memories take them back to the Soviet realities of their youth. On the park bench the past and the contemporary, the sacred and the profane, two states and regimes mix into a fluid called life.

Director: Birgit Rosenberg

Keywords: celebration of the new year | passing of time | self-irony | sense of humour | church | International Workers' Day (1st of May) | recollections about the Soviet times | recollections about war | women | park atmosphere | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Kokoro
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Russian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 28:20


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Producer Birgit Rosenberg
Director Birgit Rosenberg
Screenwriter Birgit Rosenberg
Cinematographer Liis Lepik
Composer Janeli Adermann | Kristi Kool
Sound Designer Janeli Adermann
Editor Mirjam Jegorov

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  • in cinema: 31.01.2017, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 22.02.2017, ETV, Estonia

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