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Our Home (2016)

Original title (in Finnish): "Meite Kodo"

Students film Duration 17:20


Kihnu is a well-known island among Estonians, partly for its odd yet very interesting traditions, the inhabitants’ sense of strong community, their own dialect which is called Kihnu Keel among other things. A problem that many people are probably not aware of is that Kihnu is facing a situation of very fast decreasing population, which can be a factor of many things like lack of job opportunities or centralization to the bigger cities. This story concentrates on the lives of three women of 3 different generations all affected by the present problem but who still dream of staying in Kihnu. One woman who is an enthusiastic social worker, she is taking care of the elders of the Island, an older woman, Alma who has been left alone and has lived all her life in Kihnu, and a girl who is the only student in her class and wants to leave to the mainland due to a lack of opportunities in Kihnu for her future. The discrepancy between generations are noticeable, but they all have something in common which relates them deeply, and that is their home.

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