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Dawn (2015)

Original title (Latvian): Ausma

Title in Estonian: Koit

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Feature film Duration 60:50:00

This film is based on a Soviet propaganda story (most likely false) about “Young Pioneer” (Soviet equivalent to the "Boy Scout") Morozov who denounced his father to Stalin’s secret police and was in turn killed by his family. His life exemplified the duty of all good Soviet citizens to become informers, even at the expense of family ties. In the Soviet Union this story was a subject of many books, songs, plays, a symphonic poem, opera and also the basis of Bezhin Meadow, an unreleased film from 1937 that was directed by Sergei Eisenstein.
In our film 75 years later we ...

Director: Laila Pakalniņa

Keywords: mother's death | optimistic views of the future | being neglected | breastfeeding mother | loss of humanity | father-son conflict | gods | chicken | hero | ringing the church bells | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Kompānija Hargla (Latvia)
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Text / Dialogue Latvian
Subtitles Estonian, English
Duration 60:50:00


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Producer Laila Pakalniņa
Co-producer Kaspar Kallas | Malgorzata Staron
Director Laila Pakalniņa
Screenwriter Laila Pakalniņa
Cinematographer Wojciech Staron
Art Director Jurgis Krasons
Costume Designer Natalia Czeczott
Composer Vestards Šimkus
Sound Designer Anrijs Krenbergs
Editor Kaspar Kallas

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  • on filmfestival: 18.11.2015, PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia

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  • Award, PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia), 2015, Postimees Main Competition - Best Cinematographer: Wojchiech Staron

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