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Young Peeter At Laanetaguse (2018)

Original title: Peetrike Laanetagusel

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Documentary | Family Duration 53:00

Young Peeter At Laanetaguse

This family film is a story of a child’s explorations of nature and first notices of the surrounding biodiversity. Young Peeter is like a guide taking the viewer to the environment teeming with life – from the broadest and most general view to the finest details, from the largest creatures to the smallest ones. The viewer will find themselves discovering, through his eyes, all possible kinds of miraculous creatures in the grass, on plants, in shrubs and in sky-reaching trees, sharing his astonishment and joy of first discovery. The film is not a fruit of the filmmakers’ fantasy. It is ...

Director: Rein Maran

Keywords: Narrow-bordered five-spot burnet | garden bumblebee | gold spangle | viviparous lizard | spotted flycatcher | common toad | bush cricket | common green grasshopper | garden spider | Essex skipper | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Gaviafilm
Film Category Documentary, Nature
Genre Family
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles Estonian, English
Duration 53:00


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Producer Rein Maran
Director Rein Maran
Screenwriter Rein Maran
Cinematographer Tõnu Talpsep | Rein Maran
Composer Pärt Uusberg
Content Editor Margit Maran

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  • in cinema: 19.04 2018, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia

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