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EINASTO 11577 (2014)

Original title: EINASTO 11577

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Documentary Duration 55:00


The film project "EINASTO 11577" is dedicated to one of the famous "stars" in Estonia, the academician Jaan Einasto. The minor planet of our galaxy, bearing the number 11 577 and discovered on February 8, 1994 by Eric W. Elst, astronomer of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, was named Einasto by the Minor Planet Centre of the International Astronomical Union. Einasto, together with other minor planets linked with Estonia, orbits around the Sun, taking 3.84 years or 1400 days to complete its path.
The main goal of the film is to bring science closer to common people by showing the ...

Director: Helle Karis

Keywords: spouses | interpretation of historical events | astrophysicists | astrology | award ceremony | conducting | conductor | taking photos | galaxy | fireworks | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Myth Film
Film Category Documentary, Portrait
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English, Russian
Duration 55:00


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Producer Helle Karis
Director Helle Karis
Screenwriter Helle Karis
Cinematographer Arvo Iho | Peter Murdmaa
Sound Designer Tiina Andreas

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