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The Mystery of the Kaleva (2012)

Original title: Kaleva müsteerium

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Documentary Duration 52:00

The Mystery of the Kaleva

“The Mystery of the Kaleva” is a documentary about a Finnish passenger plane OH-ALL Kaleva that was shot down during peacetime in 1940 by two Soviet bombers. Nine people from six countries were killed.
Toivo Kallas, a contemporary historian and a professional architect, has been investigating this politically controversial story about OH-ALL Kaleva since 2002. Why was the plane shot down during peacetime? What documents, conspiracies or secrets were hidden on that plane?
Toivo Kallas has gone through archive materials from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia and collaborating with many people in finding the truth.
Fascinating plane wreck searches are combined with interviews ...

Director: Sigrid Reede

Keywords: blank spots in history | collaboration | master of a ship | shooting an aircraft | takeoff of a plane | aviation | aircraft accident | seabed studies | sea views | mysterious | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Polarfilm, Estinfilm
Film Category Problem oriented, Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Russian
Voiceower Estonian
Subtitles Estonian, English
Duration 52:00

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