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Dora Gordine: Ars Gratia Artis (2014)

Original title: Dora Gordine: Ars gratia artis

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Documentary Duration 59:12

In her hayday, Dora Gordine was considered to be one of the most talented sculptors in the world. Gordine was born in Libau, Latvia; grew up and studied sculpture in Tallinn, Estonia. While rising to fame in Paris, France via the Far East, she finally settled in London where her steady rise continued well beyond her contemporaries. Thanks to the marriage with the son of an Earl, Gordine managed to push her way to the top of the British aristocracy as one of her statues was opened by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 1963. The documentary focuses on discovering and ...

Director: Annaleena Piel Linna

Keywords: divorce | naked models | ambition | giftedness | designing a house with an artist's studio | designer | Dora Gordine House Museum | Estonian Jews | eccentricalness | zest for life | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Exitfilm, Viking Visionary Films (United Kingdom)
Film Category Documentary, Portrait
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English, French
Voiceower Estonian, English, Russian, German
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 59:12

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  • in cinema: 8.05.2014, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia
  • at other places: 30.09.2014, Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia

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  • Participation, East Silver Market (Jihlava, Czechia), 2015

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