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Natural Sacred Sites in Estonia (2013)

Original title: Looduslikud pühapaigad Eestis

Documentary Duration 44:37

There are more than 800 known grove sites in Estonia - the places that are holy in nature; more than one thousand holy trees, sacrificial stones, healing springs and other natural cult objects. How has the heritage been passing along throughout the centuries? How much do people know about these places and what is their attitude towards them? What do these places mean to contemporary people? Various researchers and scientists discuss on these themes in the documentary.

Director: Rein Maran

Keywords: historical monuments | groves | grove sites | flying squirrel | birds | nature conservation | nature protection | roe deer | memory | slate coast | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Gaviafilm
Film Category Nature, Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 44:37


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Producer Rein Maran
Director Rein Maran
Screenwriter Rein Maran
Cinematographer Rein Maran | Tõnu Talpsep
Composer Pärt Uusberg
Sound Designer Tiina Andreas
Editor Margit Maran
Content Editor Margit Maran

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  • in cinema: 26.03.2013, kino Cinamon (Tartu), Estonia

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