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Andy stands up (2011)

Original title: Andy astub üles

Documentary Duration 28:00

Andrus Valvur is both an Estonian and American, a comedian and a citizen of the world born in the USA. He visits his homeland in order to fulfill his secret dream - to perform in Estonian language in front of fellow Estonians. Andy makes thorough preparations for his performance, gets acquainted to Estonia and its people, their way of thinking and sense of humour. Despite his 25-year-long experience as a comedian, Andy is still nervous whether Estonians will enjoy the performance.

Director: Elen Lotman

Keywords: car ride | performance | English language | comedian | country house | memories | taking pictures | president | stand-up comedy | relatives | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Juriidiline Keha
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue English, Estonian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 28:00


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Producer Madis Tüür
Director Elen Lotman
Screenwriter Elen Lotman
Cinematographer Elen Lotman

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  • on television: 28.12.2011, ETV, Estonia
  • in cinema: 13.12.2011, kino Artis, Tallinn, Estonia

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