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1895 (1995)

Animation Duration 29:59

The animated cartoon “1895” is dedicated to the centennial of cinema. “1895” is a picture about the life of brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière. The cartoon acquaints the public with so far unknown biographical facts and events from the life of the two celebrated brothers who have immortalized their names as inventors of cinematography.
The picture is an illusion. Is illusion truth? this assertion and the subsequent question gave the authors of this cartoon the rights to declare that namely their version of the life of brothers Lumière and the birth of cinema was the most original and unique of all.

Director: Priit Pärn | Janno Põldma

Keywords: searches for identity | twin brothers | kinematograafia leiutajad | memory loss | pilgrimage | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Joonisfilm
Color color
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Text / Dialogue English
Dubbing Estonian
Subtitles hispaania, Japanese, English, Italian, French, Swedish, German, Finnish, Russian
Duration 29:59


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First releases

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  • in cinema: 06.05.1995, Cinema Bio Illusion, Helsinki, Finland
  • in cinema: 12.05.1995, Cinema House, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 28.12.1995, ETV, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Prize, Annual Award of AV Division of Estonian Cultural Endowment (Estonia), 1995, Estonian Cultural Endowment's Johannes Pääsuke Award: 1895 - to Janno Põldma and Priit Pärn
  • Prize, Estonian State Cultural Award (Estonia), 1995
  • Award, Virgin Maali - Estonian Association of Film Journalists' Annual Award (Estonia), 1995

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