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Poll (2010)

The Poll; The Poll Diaries

Original title: Polli päevikud

Feature film | Drama | Epic, historical Duration 129:00

The feature film gives an unconventional description of a Baltic German estate in Estonia in early 20th century, in the crossroads of the German Empire and the Russian Empire. A beautiful yet menacing world is created by the ghostly manor in the sea, the scenery of that era and the soundtrack. The dramatic details as fetuses and human brain in spirit, operations and the bloodstained anarchist add angst and morbidness. For Estonian cinema audiences, it is especially important to witness the revival of the lost world of the Baltic Germans.

Director: Chris Kraus

Keywords: anarchists | lovers | Baltic Germans | hiding oneself | taking photos | wounded man | cruelty | interest towards literature | laboratory | laboratory tests | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Kordes & Kordes Film (Germany)
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Drama, Epic, historical
Text / Dialogue German, Russian, Estonian, French
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 129:00


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Producer Aleksandra Kordes | Meike Kordes
Co-producer Danny Krausz | Kurt Stocker | Riina Sildos | Chris Kraus
Director Chris Kraus
Screenwriter Chris Kraus
Cinematographer Daniela Knapp
Art Director Silke Buhr
Costume Designer Gioia Raspé
Composer Annette Focks
Sound Designer Heinz K. Ebner
Editor Uta Schmidt
Managing Director Manfred Fritsch | Uda Happel | Hendrik Lepp | Levke Palm | Mart Saar | Paul Aguraiuja


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Jevgeni Sitochin - Hauptmann Karpov | Susi Stach - Gudrun Koskull | Erwin Steinhauer - Professor Plötz | Michael Kreihsl - Professor Hasenreich | Gudrun Ritter - Oda Schafer | Uma Fritze - Gigola | Paula Fritze - Karin | Valentina Väli - Lisbeth | Dennis Mojen - Meelis

First releases

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  • in cinema: 16.09.2010 , Toronto, Canada
  • on filmfestival: 2.12.2010 , PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 29.12.2011, 21.30 , ETV, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Award, PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia), 2010, Official Competition EurAsia: Jury Prize for the Best Director
  • Award, Rome International Film Festival (Italy), 2010, Marc'Aurelio Special Jury Award; Prize of Teatro Politeama di Catanzaro for the Best Film Score: Annette Focks
  • Award, LOLA - German Film Academy Awards (Germany), 2010, Best Supporting Actor: Richy Müller; Best Cinematography: Daniela Knapp; Best Production Design: Silke Buhr; Best Costume Design: Gioia Raspé (Nomination - Best Make Up: Susana Sanchez)

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