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Great Sons of Kalev (2010)

Original title: Kalevite kanged pojad

Documentary Duration 58:00

A documentary about the epic hero Kalevipoeg, a famous sculptor, and a corruption scandal. The idea to put a huge statue of Kalevipoeg in the Gulf of Tallinn dates back ten years. The film records the important events of the large-scale project. By now, no one knows when Kalev will make it home to bring luck to his children and growth to his country. But hope remains...

Director: Valentin Kuik

Keywords: ambition | officials | bureaucracy | assertiveness | compromising | town''s appearance | mayor | members of the city government | lobbying | monumental sculpture | View all »

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Production Firm(s) F-Seitse
Film Category Documentary, Portrait, Problem oriented
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 58:00

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  • Premiere: 28.09.2010, kino Sõprus (Tallinn), Estonia

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