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A Normal Human Being (2010)

Original title: Normaalne inimene

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Documentary Duration 28:00

Academician Kaie suffers from crisis that influences both her health and private life. She reaches an understanding that she is no longer satisfied with the roles and status that she has had in the success oriented society. The price for three jobs and acknowledgement is inner dissatisfaction - is that a normal life? Kaie feels that she is stuck in a rut and decides to change her life in order to find herself and her true calling. Kaie finds support in Lilleoru community and the yoga teacher Ingvar Villido. While practising kriya yoga she consciously tries to re-organize and redesign ...

Director: Tanno Mee | Kaidi Tamm

Keywords: peace of mind | fears | searches for identity | yoga | community | meditating | arranging one's thoughts | tipi | rituals | inner harmony | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Alexandra Film
Film Category Documentary, Problem oriented
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 28:00


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Producer Marianne Ostrat
Director Tanno Mee | Kaidi Tamm
Screenwriter Tanno Mee | Kaidi Tamm
Cinematographer Mart Raun | Tanno Mee
Composer Liisa Hirsch
Sound Designer Tarvo Schmeimann
Editor Tanno Mee | Kaidi Tamm

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  • in cinema: 16.12.2010, kino Artis (Tallinn), Estonia

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