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Fips, the Young Monkey (1968)

Original title: Ahvipoeg Fips

Animation Duration 09:18

A young monkey named Fips falls into a trap and is caught. It's brought to town. While living among humans, Fips experiences good and evil. But Fips never forgets its real home the jungle and one day escapes from town to his beloved home.

Director: Elbert Tuganov

Keywords: monkey | enticement | homages | jungle | saving life | habemeajaja | habemeajamine | jalatsite jalgapanek | haircut | hairdresser's | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Dubbing Russian
Duration 09:18


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Director Elbert Tuganov
Screenwriter Elbert Tuganov
Cinematographer Arvo Nuut
Art Director Henno Käo
Animator Aarne Ahi | Heikki Krimm
Composer Ülo Vinter
Content Editor Silvia Kiik
Managing Director Vladimir Korinfski

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