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Elukunst (2012)

BFM meediaosakond: bakalaureusetöö

Tudengifilm Kestus: 22:40


Sünopsis inglise keeles:

How to come out from the slump of life and fulfill your dreams? This question is answered by three young men who make their everyday money with art and are now happier than ever.

Sisukokkuvõte inglise keeles:

The TV show of media students Tiina Haak and Annamari Kenk tells a story about three young men, whose passion for art has helped them to become successful.

In 2009, two friends sat down and decided to finally do something good with their lives. Tattoo studio “Pirados” was found. Soon after that, aerosol artist Sboy and tattooist/musician Beebilõust joined Big Mora and the crew. Today, “Pirados” is a organization that promotes street culture, tattooing, graffiti making, original clothing, music and aerosol art. The Pirados team sticks together like brothers. However, there have been more difficult times in the lives of the three men. One of them has been thrown out of school, one has been 7 years in prison and one has had misunderstandings with his parents. Nevertheless, today they say to be happier than ever.






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