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Uudishimu tapab (2012)

Filmi originaalpealkiri (inglise keeles): "Curiosity Kills"

BFM filmiosakond: II kursuse töö (BA)

Tudengifilm | Põnevusfilm | Üleloomulik film Kestus: 13:35


Sünopsis inglise keeles:

A 10 year old boy is fascinated by his father's spooky looking chemistry suitcase and decides to play with its contents. One thing leads to another and the boy's pet rat ends up attacking the family. Curiosity kills.  http://www.reelport.com/index.php?id=300&L=nl%27  (22.05.2012)


Autori sünopsis inglise keeles:

Cartoonish 50s flat. One night, a father, who is a chemists, comes home with his suitcase. This draaws the attention of a 10-year old boy - the main character. But the boy's father forbids him to play with the chemist suitcase. Nevertheless, the boy secretly takes the suitcase to his room and starts playing with different colored liquids. Soon, the boy comes up with an idea to give some liquid to a white rat. There is an explosion and the rat escapes into the living room. The boy goes by the rat and tries to catch it until it appears that the rat has become a hyper energetic killer due to the liquid. From here on the rat attacks the family, it kills the mother,  the father and the two Mormons who appeared at the door.


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