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  • Days of June
    Days of June

    Original title: Juunikuu päevad

    1957 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Viktor Nevežin, Kaljo Kiisk

    The adventure film directed by Kaljo Kiisk and Viktor Nevezhin Kaljo Kiisa ja Viktor Nevežini lavastatud põnevik näitab, kuidas 1940. aasta juunipöörde päevil sõlmunud sündmusterida mõjutab inimeste elu veel pikkade aastate järel.

  • Sharp Turn
    Sharp Turn

    Original title: Pöördel

    1957 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Aleksandr Mandrõkin

    The drama directed by Aleksandr Mandrõkin tells the story about the struggle of a young indecisive chairman in order to save the degraded collective farm.

  • In the Backyard
    In the Backyard

    Original title: Tagahoovis

    1956,1957 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Viktor Nevežin

    The film directed by Viktor Nevezhin is based on the story "In the Backyard" by Oskar Luts, depicting the life in slums in 1930s with melacholy humour and colourful characters. It is the first Estonian film adaptation of a literary classics where the best drama actors of that time perform.

  • Andrus's Happiness
    Andrus's Happiness

    Original title: Andruse õnn

    1955 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Herbert Rappaport

    Feature film by Herbert Rappaport based on the novel "The Captains" by Hans Leberecht.

  • Light in Koordi
    Light in Koordi

    Original title: Valgus Koordis

    1951 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Herbert Rappaport

    The film directed by Herbert Rappaport is based on the story "Light in Koordi", telling about collectivization in Estonia during the era of Stalinist propaganda. Starring Georg Ots.

  • Life in a Citadel
    Life in a Citadel

    Original title: Elu tsitadellis

    1947 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Herbert Rappaport

    The first feature film produced in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, directed by Herbert Rappaport from Lenfilm production company. It is based on the play "Life in a Citadel" by August Jakobson and was awarded with the Stalin Prize. The film features many leading Estonian film actors of that time.

  • Dollars

    Original title: Dollarid

    1929 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Mihkel Lepper

    Drama about a simple office girl who becomes an overnight millionaire that helps her to overcome all obstacles in her love life. Directed by Mihkel Lepper, screenplay and cinematography by Konstantin Märska.

  • Law of the First Night (Jus Primae Noctis)
    Law of the First Night (Jus Primae Noctis)

    Original title: Esimese öö õigus

    1925 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Balduin Kusbock

    Silent film directed by Balduin Kusbock is a contemporary love story taking place during the times of slavery in Estonia. Slave girl Linda is taken to the manor house straight from her wedding according to the medieval law of the first night. The groom has to fight for the dignity of his bride.

  • Shadows of the Past
    Shadows of the Past

    Original title: Mineviku varjud

    1924 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Valter Palm, A. Nugis

    This national romantic drama filmed by Konstantin Märska tells the story of the life of ancient Estonians and the way they fought against the knights of Livonian Order. This was the first Estonian colorized full-length silent film that was entirely shot in nature.

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond

    Original title: Must teemant

    1923 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Fjodor Ljubovski

    The five-episode silent film directed by Fjodor Ljubovski and produced by Regina-Film was shot in Tartu, supposedly trying to imitate the popular Russian drama series of "Golden Series".

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