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  • A Bear Judges The Brides. A Mansi Story
    A Bear Judges The Brides. A Mansi Story

    Original title: Karu hindab pruute

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Martinus Daane Klemet

    A young Mansi man wanted to get married. A bear chosen by the old men was to assess the worth of the bride. A woman shaman, Mother of Mothers, took the first girl to the bear. It silently moved its lips: the girls was poorly behaved. The young man picked another girl who was also taken to the bear. The girl took fright and paled: she would die young. But the third girl blushed: she was of good behaviour and would live long. The bear left quietly.

  • A Fragile World
    A Fragile World

    Original title: Habras maailm

    2016 | Documentary, Nature | Director: Ants Tammik

    The film depicts two different worlds - man made and natural - opposites both in terms of content and form.

  • A Husband and a Wife. A Voitan Story
    A Husband and a Wife. A Voitan Story

    Original title: Mees ja naine

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Mait Laas

    A wife went out to cut the rye, while the husband was at home sick. The man asked if the work would soon be finished and the wife replied that it would. The husband went out to check and saw that his wife was asleep and the work had just begun. The husband cut his sleeping wife’s hair off and smeared her head with tar. The wife came home and asked the husband through the window, „Is your wife at home?“ The husband replied that she was. The wife cried, „The devil has exchanged me and I will always roam about as the devil’s wife!“

  • Aktuaalne Narva
    Aktuaalne Narva

    2016 | Other categories | Director: Aljona Suržikova

    Documentary about city of Narva.

  • Alone Together
    Alone Together

    2016 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Worapoj In-lao, Kevin Molloy

    Mediastudents' Worapoj In-lao and Kevin Molloy art-documentary about relationship between human and things in experimental cinema.

  • Amalimbo

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon, Other types of animation | Director: Juan Pablo Libossart

    Tipuana, a five year-old girl, experiences the limbo as she tries to pass to ‘the other side’ after the recent death of her beloved father.

  • An Old Man and an Old Woman. An Erzya Story
    An Old Man and an Old Woman. An Erzya Story

    Original title: Taat ja memm

    2016 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    An old man and an old woman got into a tiff. The old man went fishing and did not want to go home. In response to the old woman’s prayers, the god Nishkepaz rotted the old man’s nets. He returned home, but the wife lamented, „We have nothing to eat!“ The old man replied, „We’ve got fish in the barn, let’s sell it and buy bread, salt and mead!“

  • Astrid

    2016 | Students film, Short | Director: Sander Koit

    Unlikely friendship between an old woman and a thief.

  • Atop a mountain
    Atop a mountain

    Original title (in Estonian): "Mäel"

    2016 | Students film, Short | Director: Ulrike Brett Uukkivi

    „Atop a mountain“ is an adaption from Elviira Mihhaolovna’s novel „Prügimäel“ Film is about middle-aged woman named Maria who has reached a dead end in her life, and looks for an exit.

  • Beer Revolution
    Beer Revolution

    Original title: Õllerevolutsioon

    2016 | Documentary | Director: Taavi Arus

    Documentary follows the rising phenomenon of craft beer scene in Estonia throughout 2015 along with its main protagonists – brewers, sellers and variously minded consumers.

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