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  • Lotman's World
    Lotman's World

    Original title: Lotmani maailm

    2008 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Agne Nelk

    Portrait documentary with humorous touch tells about Juri Lotman, a world famous semiotician. The film is based on archival materials.

  • Substantia Stellaris
    Substantia Stellaris

    Original title: Substantia stellaris

    2007 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Mati Kütt

    Ilmar Laaban’s poetry written in the Cosmos scatters like filings, builds up in our senses and spreads out in our bodies as stellar substance.

  • Generatio

    2005 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Mait Laas

    Freedom is looking for a form to manifest itself. Allegoric story of Architect-Matchstickman – who helps to give the life for the new Generation...

  • The Way to Nirvana
    The Way to Nirvana

    Original title: Teekond Nirvaanasse

    2000 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Mait Laas

    This story is about a young man, who want's to go behind the horizon...

  • Underground

    Original title: Põrandaalune

    1997 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Mati Kütt

    Multiplying the existing point of view the actual oneness seems changes to unevenness.

  • Elujõgi

    1986 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Heino Pars

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