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  • The Institute of The Dream
    The Institute of The Dream

    Original title: Une Instituut

    2006 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Mati Kütt

    At bedtime, Sandman Mati's footprints appear from nowhere on the sand. The Master of Dreams spreads the dreamsand in co-operation with Pillow Katis.

  • The Penguin Parade
    The Penguin Parade

    Original title: Pingviinide paraad

    2002 | Animation, Puppet | Director: Riho Unt, Julia Pihlak

    A story about a young man who in an absurd situation insists on remaining a human being as if he still belived in happy solutions.

  • Terra Maritima
    Terra Maritima

    Original title: Terra Maritima

    2001 | Documentary, Nature | Director: Ago Ruus

    The basis for the dynamic community of the European Union is the harmonization of certain rules. This applies to preservation of nature as well, and thus we hear more and more about the mysterious Natura 2000. Natura 2000 is a Europe-wide network of nature preserves, consisting of bird preserves and nature preserves. A large part of the existing preserves in Estonia fit surprisingly easily into Natura 2000. The film shows the types of habitats in western Estonia, because it was here that the pilot project for Natura 2000 was launched. This land is many thousands of years younger than the inland – even now the earth’s crust is rising here and the land being born from the ocean – Terra Maritima – has a thousand faces. In addition to the coastline, the film introduces various types of meadows - all very valuable habitats.

  • Bermuda

    Original title: Bermuda

    1998 | Animation, Cartoon | Director: Ülo Pikkov

    The animated film BERMUDA is a film about love. It tells the story of the life of a seaman with a wooden leg and a mermaid living in the midst of the sand dunes of a dried-up sea.

  • Catching the Miracle
    Catching the Miracle

    Original ttle: Imet püüdmas

    1996 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Hans Roosipuu, Enn Säde

    Documentary by Hans Roosipuu and Enn Säde about the Shmigun family with its two athlete daughters Kristina and Katrin striving towards top results.

  • In Pärns: Vallikäär, Parks, Beach on June 28, 1990
    In Pärns: Vallikäär, Parks, Beach on June 28, 1990

    Title in Estonian: Pärnus: Vallikäär, pargid, rand 28.06.1990

    1990 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

  • In One Hundred Years in May
    In One Hundred Years in May

    Original title: Saja aasta pärast mais

    1986 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Kaljo Kiisk

    The historical-psychological drama directed by Kaljo Kiisk tells about the four last days of Viktor Kingissepp, a professional revolutionary and a communist, in May 1922.

  • Enn Põldroos
    Enn Põldroos

    1979 | Documentary, Observation, Portrey | Director: Tiina Pork

  • Family 40
    Family 40

    Title in Estonian: Perekond 40

    1975 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

    The married couple Enn and Helga Nõu's activities with their family in summer 1975 - trip to Denmark.

  • Family 38
    Family 38

    Title in Estonian: Perekond 38

    1974 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

    The married couple Enn and Helga Nõu's activities with their family in summer 1974. Trip to Öland.

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