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  • Rao Heidmets
    Rao Heidmets


    Rao Heidmets was born on September 15, 1956 in Pärnu Estonia. He was graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 1981, major in electrical engineering. He was member of the underground filmmakers group Päratrust during his study and due to that his career continued at the Tallinnfilm studio with animation films. During the career he has been working with animation films in his own studio but also as a producer and director of many movies, commercials and TV productions, some of them awarded with highest prizes in different festivals worldwide. He has been working with students in Estonia and other countries with workshops.

  • Aleksandr Heifets
  • Samu Heikkilä
  • Laura Hein
  • Eerik Heine
    Eerik Heine

    1919 - 2008

  • Alari Heinla
  • Alari Heinlo
  • Ivar Heinmaa
  • Anne Heinnurm
  • Anders Helle
  • Peter Herzog
  • Iikka Hesse
  • Martin Himbek
  • Minna Hint
    Minna Hint


    Videoartist Minna Hint graduated in Fine Arts in 2003.

    Born in 1981 ( Estonia), lives and works in Tallinn.

    2015: artist-run-space/freeshop “Kraam” together with Killu Sukmit Tallinn/Estonia;

    2015: documentary “III Images of Life and Time”;

    2010 documentary "Cross National Happyness";

    2009 documentary “Jailbird”;

    2007 documentary”"Inside or Out".

  • Anna Hints
    Anna Hints


    Anna is an experienced director of short fictions and documentaries with the background of photography, painting and folk singing. She is participating as a co-director of five Estonian female directors of a documentary dedicated to the 100th jubilee of Estonian Republic. She is participating at EAVE Producers Workshop 2016 as a script writer and developing her first feature. She is singing in collectives like “Piigavägi” and “Eeter”, participated in many exhibitions with her art, and has received prizes for her films from UNICA Korea 2015 International Film Festival, 76th UNICA Bulgaria- Bronze medal, Lenzing Award Golden Prize from Austria, Festival "Niit" in Russia – Golden prize, I Prize for short film “Free world” in 11th festival “Tallinn” and many others.

  • Helis Hirve
    Helis Hirve


    Date of Birth: March 27, 1990
    2010-2013 BA in Film studies (specialty: editor) at Tallinn University's Baltic Film and Media School
    2006-2009 Gustav Adolfi Grammar School
    1997-2006 Tallinn Grammar School no.32
    In-service trainings:
    2016 - “Prepping the Feature: A Practical 5-Day Workshop for Script Supervisors” (London Film School)
    2016 - “Script Supervision and Continuity for Film & Television with Beth Multer" (London Film School)

  • Kristjan Holm
    Kristjan Holm


    Kristjan Holm was born on May 27, 1976 in Tallinn. He was graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in 1999 as an interior designer. In time the understanding, that room is limited to four walls, started to trouble him though. An unexpected discovery that also film frame has four walls, gave him the final impulse to change the subject and dedicate his life to investigating the ties between frames and walls.

  • Jan Hubacek
  • Johan Huimerind
  • Joel Hukki
  • Stanislav Huttunen
  • Eva Grete Huul
  • Aleksei Ibragimov
  • Rinalts Ignass
  • Arvo Iho
    Arvo Iho


  • Johan-Mattias Iho
  • Gunta Ikere
  • J. Ikonen
  • Sofiya  Ilieva
  • Renita Illust

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