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Robi Uppin


  • Robi Uppin was born 1978 in Tallinn Estonia. When he was ten years old he moved to Sweden. There he found interest in movies, TV-games and electronic music. 2005 he went to Japan Tokyo to study the language and culture. In 2006 he started studies in Baltic Film and Media School as Audiovisual Media student. In 2012 he graduated studies in BFM in Documentary and Television masters program. He has been directing and designing the sound for many short documentaries, TV programs and fiction films. Filmography as director: short fiction “Rändaja”/”Wanderer” (2010), short documentary “Urban Tundra” (2011), “Viis nostalgiale”/Mood for Nostalgia” (2012), “Lauküla koit”/”Koit from Lauküla” (2012), “Mängur”/”HDTanel” (2015).

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