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Franz Malmsten jr


Year Film title Type Crew Actor
2024 "Happy Things" Students film Assistant Director
2024 "Noble Act" Students film Director
2023 "Buttered Cards, Shattered Hearts" Students film Director
2023 "Christmas Day" Students film Assistant Director
2023 "Eyes of beauty" Students film Lighting Technician
2023 "What’s Up With Numbats?" Students film First Assistant Director
2022 "Eye to Eye" Students film Lighting Technician
2022 "In Between" Students film First Assistant Director
2022 "In the Morning" Students film Politseinik
Kassi hääl
2022 "Melchior the Apothecary" Feature film Kilan
2022 "Over the Line " Students film Director
2022 "Smalltown Miss" Students film Second Assistant Director
2022 "The Balconies" Students film Director
2021 "Kids of the Night" Feature film Noormees peol
2021 "Painting recreation exercise (2021)" Students film Director
2021 "Reverse Gear" Students film Director
2021 "Swing, Axe and the Tree of Eternal Love" Feature film Kaarel Ploom
2021 "The Bog" Feature film Toomas
2021 "Value" Students film Director
2020 "Kevin, No!" Feature film Kevin
2020 "M3RC0RY" Students film Sass
2019 "Class Reunion 3: Godfathers" Feature film Joonas
2019 "Dora Who Came From Highway" Feature film Markus
2019 "Talve" Feature film Arnold
2018 "Class Reunion 2: A Wedding And A Funeral" Feature film Joonas
2017 "Green Cats" Feature film
2017 "Nukumaja" TV Serial Gabriel
2017 "Wild Game" Students film Olev
2016 "Class Reunion" Feature film Joonas
2013 "Mägede varjud" TV Serial Clapper

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