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Lotman's World (2008)

Original title: Lotmani maailm

Documentary Duration 57:01


The world is in every person. Microcosmos have no boundaries. They are exactly as big as the imagination of their owner. Juri Lotman's imagination was clearly very big. The entire universe fit into it - a large portion of Russian literature, the semiosphere the size of the galaxy, and detailed knowledge of wartime lines of communication. As a cosmopolitan, he travelled about various orbits, gathering and recording different kinds of information. The time came when ideas that came about as the result of processing of information started to look for a means of expression. Some of them found their way out through picture drawings, others by way of written words.
In Lotman's world, Hitler and Stalin meet, and images of St. Petersburg and Tartu intertwine. The roundtable of semioticians as Eco, Uspenski, Toporov, Jegorov, Ivanov, Pjatigorski and others is given the floor, the battlefield alternates with domestic idyll, signs alternate with meanings. There are many worlds as there are people. But there is only one Lotman's World.
Lotman’s World (2008).Estonian Films/Eesti film 2007-2008. Tallinn: Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus, lk 97.

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