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Lotman's World (2008)

Original title: Lotmani maailm

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Documentary Duration 57:01

Lotman's World

How to portrait a man whose world is as big as a galaxy? A man whose head houses a whole semiosphere? The fragments of Lotman's heritage have been documented in photographs, books, video recordings. One possibility in order to reflect all this would gather different lives, to visualise them and to weave them into a whole. In the film, Juri Lotman as an insect, a communicator, a man with a mustache, a jew, a cosmopolitan, a semiotician, a thinker, a father, a lecturer and a cosmonaut meets Einstein, Stalin, Gagarin, Belka and Strelka, Pushkin and Knights of the Round Table. ...

Director: Agne Nelk

Keywords: Estonians in World War II | ethics | self-esteem | creating an identity | identity | intelligence | courage | Jewish humour | fighting off the Jews from science | communication | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Ruut
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Text / Dialogue Russian, English, juudi (jidiš)
Voiceower Estonian
Subtitles Estonian, English
Duration 57:01


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Producer Kiur Aarma
Director Agne Nelk
Screenwriter Rein Pakk | Agne Nelk
Dialogue Writer Rein Pakk | Agne Nelk
Cinematographer Elen Lotman | Margus Malm | Martin Gorris | Tauno Sirel | Mait Mäekivi
Animator Rait Siska
Composer Janek Murd | Erkki Tero
Sound Designer Tanel Roovik | Romet Pott | Mart Otsa
Editor Hermes Brambat
Content Editor Elen Lotman | Leeni Linna | Birgit Demidova

First releases

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  • in cinema: 01.05.2008, kino Ateena (Tartu), Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Participation, DOK LEIPZIG - International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Germany), 2008, International Young Talent
  • Participation, Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Germany), 2008
  • Participation, Kino pavasaris - Vilnius International Film Festival (Lithuania), 2009, Baltic competition

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