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The Secret Lamb (1992)

Original title: Lammas all paremas nurgas

Feature film | Comedy | Family Duration 90:00


Tom, a science aficionado, meets Perch who is attracted to aliens. Their acquaintance begins when Tom's rocket test by the river has ended with a bang and fizzle. Perch knows a few things about rockets; besides, he believes that empty bottles should not be discarded. Filipp, the chief of empty bottles, is not interested in old-fashioned bottles found from the river until a broken bottle appears in which Filipp finds instructions for finding a valuable painting. While following the traces of the painting with his gang, Filipp meets Tom, Harri and Perch who are searching Harri's stolen sports bag. The mystery hidden in the bottle will be revealed to those who have enough common sense and good luck outweighing greed and wickedness.

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