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Autumn (1990)

Original title: Sügis

Based on the novels of "Autumn" and "Business Day" by Oskar Luts

Feature film | Comedy Duration 84:30

The young people that we know from the films "Spring" and "Summer" have grown up and become upstanding farmers and members of society in the post-war independent Estonia. Only tailor Kiir has not found a wife yet. Fortunately, two young women of appropriate age for marriage move to Paunvere and this will encourage Kiir's marriage plans. His marriage proposal and marriage will be adventurous, full of comedy, intrigues and happiness.

Director: Arvo Kruusement

Keywords: small town milieu | jealousy | homesteads | buoyancy | peddler | patriotic event | bigamy | twins | cemetery | merchant | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Film Category Feature film, Full lenght feature
Genre Comedy
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Dubbing Russian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 84:30


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Director Arvo Kruusement
Screenwriter Mats Traat
Cinematographer Valeri Blinov
Art Director Toomas Hõrak
Costume Designer Mare Raidma
Composer Veljo Tormis
Sound Designer Mati Schönberg
Editor Sirje Haagel
Content Editor Lauri Kärk
Writer of Adapted Work Oskar Luts
Managing Director Maret Hirtentreu


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Maria Klenskaja - Liisi | Jaanus Orgulas - Merchant | Raivo Rüütel - Rural municipality secretary | Arno Liiver - Arno Tali | Tõnu Alveus - Lesta | Heido Selmet - Visak | Jukka Laanemets - Leks | Gert Laanemets - Riks | Jelena Tarassenko - Aliide

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  • in cinema: 22.02.1991, Tallinn, Estonia

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