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Baruto - Lost in Translation (2009)

Original title: Baruto - Tõlkes kaduma läinud

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Documentary Duration 55:03

The documentary tells the story of Kaido Höövelson alias Baruto, a common Estonian boy coming from the countryside, and about his difficult journey to the closed circle of Japanese sumo wrestling. His quickly developing Sumo career is being admired by his fans both in Japan and in homeland. He becomes famous that is a complicated burden. Through Kaido's eyes we can see the differences between the Eastern and Western cultures through sumo traditions, strict rituals and hierarchy. The director of the film started to follow Baruto's activities since 2005 - during the four years of filming there were both ups ...

Director: Artur Talvik

Keywords: guest of honor | signing autographs | mother-son relationship | fans | psyhical development | hospital | Japanese culture | fitness studio | admiring a hero | homesickness | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eetriüksus
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Japanese
Subtitles English
Duration 55:03


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Producer Artur Talvik
Director Artur Talvik
Screenwriter Artur Talvik
Cinematographer Manfred Vainokivi | Margus Malm | Ken Arai | Tarmo Korol | Asko Kase | Artur Talvik
Composer Sven Grünberg
Sound Designer Sven Grünberg
Editor Tambet Tasuja | Andreas Lenk

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  • at other places: 18.06.2009, Jaapani maja (Vinni), Estonia

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