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The Stone of Blood (1972)

Original title: Verekivi

Feature film | Adventure | Epic, historical Duration 73:45


When Baron von Uexküll and his fellow pillagers lead another ship onto rocks with false lights, they will have no mercy on no one on the ship. One sailor, Andreas, is able to escape the ship and make it to Tallinn with the help of farm girl Jaana and Matis who once fleed from Uexküll's as a slave. This means that Uexküll's history will be revealed; so the baron sends his servants to capture the annoying witness. Instead of catching Andreas the servants bring Matis along. As they say, city air makes you free, and Matis has become a free man who won't be grovelling in front of the baron. Von Uexküll considers this the gravest violation of law. When the city council disapproves his proposal to kill Matis, the baron will be flown into an enormous rage.

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