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Georgica (1998)

Original title: Georgica

Feature film | Drama Duration 109:00


Story about the silent Boy who is sent for medical treatment to Jakub, a former colonial missionary living on an island that is also a military training area. Jakub is the only civilian there. He has to make observations during the bombing at night and phone the headquarters about the results. The observation spot is located in the tower of a church in ruins where Jakub makes silage. The missionary - an old horse - tramples silage in the church tower. There are beehives inside of the church. Jakub plays the organ, singing chorals and the Boy pumps the organ bellows by foot. Their home is inside of an old airplane hangar where Jakub translates "Georgica" by Vergilius from Latin into Swahili in order to be able to take the book to Africa some day. "And then joy will come.. And peace.... And wealth will come as well...".

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