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Indrek (1975)

Original title: Indrek

Based on the second part of the pentalogy "Truth and Justice" by Anton H. Tammsaare

Feature film | Drama Duration 85:00


Indrek Paas studies in Maurus private grammar school and is the tallest and oldest boy in his class. This does not seem to interest Mr Maurus though. An Estonian boy must get an opportunity to study if he really wants to. However, it turns out that it is not the most important principle at that school. In fact, there is no principle that cannot be escaped under certain conditions here. Indrek gets to know truths that may turn out to be wrong, and lies that may lead to truth. Indrek meets a girl whom he can give a name himself and will lose her before he has the courage to name her. So where are the deepest wisdom and the greatest love - if they exist after all?

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