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Devil on Earth (1964)

Original title: Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan

Based on the novel "Devil on Earth" by A.H.Tammsaare

Feature film | Epic, historical | Drama Duration 94:40


When going to live on Earth as a human being, the Devil believes that through hard work and submissiveness it is possible to become blessed one day. His neigbour, a cunning guy Ants, laughs at the Devil's plans since these do not disturb Ants' life. He gives the Devil good advice with managing his farm named Põrgupõhja (Hell's Bottom), even if this help will cost a lot for the Devil and his family. Despite that, the Devil remains patient and keeps his faith in order to achieve his goal - until the day when Ants discovers that the Devil won't be of any use for him.

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