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Stockholm. Midsummer Day in Dalarna

Title in Estonian: Stockholm. Jaanipäev Dalarnas

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Amateur film Duration 03:55

The crowded street with busy traffic in central Stockholm. Hötorgsgaraget parking building in central Stockholm. Mrs Olari is walking by the buildings. The Kaknäs Tower can be seen over the tree tops; views of the highest construction in Scandinavia built in 1967. Mrs Olari near her car and later in her home. Midsummer Day in Dalarna. Lots of people have gathered to the celebration of the Midsummer Day (midsommar in Swedish). Musicians in folk costumes are performing while walking in columns. A maypole decorated with flower wreaths is erected with the help of tall forks. The top of the maypole ...

Keywords: spouse | celebration of Midsummer's Day | celebrating Midsummer's Day | walking | domestic atmosphere | city milieu (Stockholm) | city streets | views of city | rural area | erecting a pole | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eduard Olari (Sweden)
Color bw
Sound silent
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Text / Dialogue Swedish
Duration 03:55


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Cinematographer Eduard Olari

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