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The Island (1999)

Original title: Saar

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Documentary Duration 27:32

The Island

Vilsandi is one of the least accessible islands in Estonia and life on that island requires extreme patience and stamina. The forced "imprisonment" caused by ice and bad weather conditions may last up to half a year. The film shows the effect of this on human behaviour, thinking and perception of time. We are interested in the human being and his sense of time. These are people from a remote corner of Estonia, people with their own lives and dreams. The film shows the life of the Vilsandi people during the late autumn and early winter period... A continuum of ...

Director: Jaan Tätte

Keywords: everyday activities | ilmavaatluspunkt | ostriches | frozen sea | fishery | kodukoolitund | village shop | lighthouse | seashore | waiting | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) F-Seitse
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Documentary, Observation
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 27:32


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Producer Reet Sokmann
Director Jaan Tätte
Screenwriter Jaan Tätte | Arko Okk
Cinematographer Arko Okk
Sound Designer Mart Otsa
Editor Kaie-Ene Rääk

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