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Family 6 (1964)

Original title: Perekond 6

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Amateur film Duration 17:26

Family 6

Little Heino turns two years old. Birthday presents, children are dancing. Christmas time at Nõu family's home. Children are playing with their presents near the Christmas tree. Laine has the toy farmhouses with animals and toy tableware; Heino has a fancy airplane with batteries that make the propellers turn around. Helga is singing with the children near the tree. Enn Nõu pays a short visit to his home on Gröna Street from the defence forces in February. Children are making the snowman in their home yard and sliding down the hillock. In April the Vahtras family is visiting and everyone ...

Keywords: mother with children | caring | Christmas time | Christmas | domestic bliss | domestic atmosphere | home yard | apartment buildings | children's joy | city | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Enn Nõu (Sweden)
Color color
Sound silent
Film Category Newsreel, Amateur film
Duration 17:26


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Cinematographer Enn Nõu

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