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Brother (2009)

Original title: Vasha

Feature film | Thriller | Drama Duration 96:20


Toomas is a 16-year-old boy full of energy from Tallinn. He has left school and wants to become an agent; he is already known as a snatcher by police officers. As a result of a car explosion, Tom gets hospitalized and meets a Chechen guy Artur who has lost his family during the war. Artur is an uncommunicative and austere man. As the police firmly believes that Artur is in touch with Estonian mafia, Tom helps him to escape, even if Artur doesn't want to get the boy involved. Despite the fact Tom follows Artur everywhere. Gradually, the dark shades of Artur's past come to the surface. Cheerful Tom seems to bring balm to Artur's sorrow but the Chechen cannot give up planning a vendetta. The young boy is forced to face the scary reality where the things are not what they look like and where every choice can turn out to be fatal.

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