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The Firewater (1994)

Original title: Tulivesi

The film is dedicated to those having the hard and hopeless battle with drug trading. In early 1920s, Finnish government passed the Dry Law that lasted for 12 years.

Feature film | Thriller Duration 92:50


When Eerik and his companions go to another night sea trip, they are aware of the danger to get caught by the border guard. Spirit smuggling to Finland during the era of the Dry Law pays off so the risk has to be taken. After all, he needs a house to live in with Hilda, and a boat in order to work at the sea. And even if something goes wrong, an old man Nymann will help out with his money. Yet, Aleks, the new chief at the borderguard office, has different views. Having fought at the Estonian War of Independence, he cannot see that money would buy off the authorities of the Republic of Estonia. While catching the spirit smugglers, Aleks will get involved in a ruthless, big game where friends can turn out your enemies and the other way round.

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