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Metroo Summer Days 1979, Esto 80, Metroo 80 (1980)

Original title: Metroo suvepäevad 1979, Esto 80, Metroo 80

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Amateur film Duration 22:50

Metroo Summer Days 1979, Esto 80, Metroo 80

Forest university as a grouping of younger generation of expatriate Estonians in Sweden started its activities in 1976, with the aim of discussing the issues of culture and society in Estonia. Metroo seminars, held as summer camps lasting for several days, take place in Veskijärve, July 14-15, 1979 and in Gotland, July 14-21, 1980. ESTO 1980 takes place in Stockholm on July 8-17. Uppsala group is gathering: Helga Nõu, Heino Nõu, Joosep Nõu and Olev Nõu together with others. Procession, marching through Stockholm, Estonian national flags are waving, people wear national costumes. Ernst Jaakson has also arrived. Elin Toona and ...

Keywords: discussion | Estonians abroad | efforts to preserve Estonianhood | performance | ESTO days | participants of ESTO | talks | fishermen's villages | medieval city | culture | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Enn Nõu (Sweden)
Color color
Sound silent
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Duration 22:50


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Cinematographer Enn Nõu

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