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Masterpiece (1993)

Original title: Meistritükk

Animation Duration 11:00

A puppet game between an Angel and a Devil grows over two oppositing power-the Masters and the Miller - into a battle which proves to be a test of strength between the two puppets. A Girl one of the film`s most essential though overshadowed characters, observes the entire affair. This film which includes both human and puppet characters speaks of hidden forces within us, both good and evil, and of the balance between them.

Director: Mikk Rand

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 11:00


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Producer Arvo Nuut
Director Mikk Rand
Screenwriter Mikk Rand
Cinematographer Tõnu Talivee
Art Director Hardi Volmer
Animator Aarne Ahi
Composer Tõnu Kõrvits
Sound Designer Mart Otsa
Editor Helju Sõerd
Content Editor Lauri Kärk

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