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Lenin - Man and Mountain (2001)

Original title: Lenin - inimene ja mägi

Documentary Duration 27:05

Lenin - Man and Mountain

Lenin (7134m) is a mountain in Kyrgystan and the first challenge for alpinists who dream of climbing the highest points in the world. The documentary describes the first meeting with Lenin for a group of young climbers. In addition to the physical preparations, climbing such a high mountain needs nerves of steel. From a team of eight men in Jaan Künnap´s Alpinist Club, only three took up the journey. The film looks at the alpinists in close-up, even when the height has wrenched their bodies and confidence begins to slip.

Director: Riho Västrik

Keywords: acclimating | alpinism | mountaineers | donkeys | expedition to the mountains | overcoming oneself | positioning one's location with GPS | lack of oxygen | Kyrgyz shepherds | acclimating with heights | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Vesilind
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Russian, FILM_LANGUAGES_KIRGISIAN
Voiceower Estonian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 27:05


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Producer Riho Västrik
Director Riho Västrik
Screenwriter Riho Västrik
Cinematographer Marko Johanson | Jaan Künnap | Urmas Peiker | Riho Västrik
Editor Riho Västrik

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