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Jaan Lattik's Funeral in Stockholm (1967)

Title in Estonian: Jaan Lattiku matused Stockholmis

Amateur film Duration 02:04

Writer, politician and church minister Jaan Lattik's funeral held in Stockholm on June 27, 1967. Funeral guests are exiting the church. Lattik's grave is at the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm. Corporants of the Estonian Students' Society are carrying the national flag of Estonia and wreaths decorated with blue-black-white ribbons. Men are carrying the coffin on their shoulders. Grievers are throwing flowers into the open grave being shadowed by tall trees. Among the grievers there are Endel Krepp, Tõnis Kint, Heinrich Laretei, Leo Karupää and others.

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eduard Olari (Sweden)
Color color
Sound silent
Film Category Amateur film
Duration 02:04


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Cinematographer Eduard Olari

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