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The Collapse of The Soviet Union (2006)

Original title: Eestlased Kremlis

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Documentary Duration 62:00

It was during the era of 1989-1991 when the Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union made the decisions that enabled the Baltic States to break away from the empire that once had occupied the countries. The crowning achievement of Estonian politicians in Kreml was disclosing of the secret protocols of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and declaring them null and void. Distributing the ideas of Estonian politicians among the national representatives in Moscow, intensive collaboration with Boris Yeltsin and Russian democrats made the communist empire to collapse. Documentary aims at correcting the widely spred misconception that regaining their independence was ...

Director: Toomas Lepp

Keywords: newspaper printing | Baltic Way | freedom fight of the Baltic states | development of democracy | the Phosphorite War | beginning of World War II | empire | self-sufficiency | becoming independent | resistance movement in Poland | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Kultuurfilm (1988)
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Russian, Polish
Voiceower Estonian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 62:00


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Producer Juhan Aare
Director Toomas Lepp
Screenwriter Juhan Aare
Cinematographer Aare Varik | Gennadi Slavtshik | Magnus Suitso | Juhan Aare
Composer Tõnu Kõrvits
Sound Designer Martin Vinkel
Editor Aivar Müür | Rauno Kanne | Kalle Käärik
Content Editor Jaan Ruus

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  • in cinema: 20.08.2006, Sõprus, Tallinn, Estonia

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