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Time Quartet: After Betelgeuse (2022)

Original title: Ajakvartett: Peale Betelgeuset

"Time Quartet" is an expanded cinema project of 4 films

Other categories Duration 19:25


Something has changed. At an unknown point in time, the surface of the oceans have risen and the world has been partially submerged. A second source of light glows in the sky next to the sun. Here and there appear figures from old archived photos, petrified in time. An abstract sense of loss lingers in the air, for something or somebody immeasurably far away.
After Betelgeuse is a film about a feeling of homesickness caused by the unwanted demise of one’s home environment whilst travelling simultaneously between past, present and future. Narrated in the dormant Livonian language, and inspired by a folk song as well as the folkloric storytelling formats of Finnic mythology, the story seeks hope in the perishing time and in memories forgotten.

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